Disciplinary Board

All members of the Finnish Bar Association must follow the professional and ethical standards of the legal profession. The Bar Association’s Code of Conduct is a codification of these standards.


If you are dissatisfied with a lawyer, you may make a written complaint to the Disciplinary Board, either in Finnish or in Swedish. 

Disciplinary matters

The functions of the Disciplinary Board include the duty to supervise that lawyers, public legal aid attorneys and licensed legal counsels fulfill their obligations when appearing in a court of law as well as in their other activities.


The Disciplinary Board deals with disciplinary matters. It is the Disciplinary Board’s duty to investigate breaches of the rules of the proper professional conduct, to receive, examine and decide upon complaints made against lawyers in respect of alleged breaches of the rules of the proper professional conduct.


The sanctions include admonishment, warning, fine or disbarment permanently from the Association. Lawyers are entitled to appeal the decision at the Helsinki Court of Appeal.


Disputes concerning fees

A binding decision in a dispute regarding a lawyer's fee can only be issued by a court of law. The client may ask the Disciplinary Board of the Finnish Bar Association for a recommendation regarding the fee. Disputes can also be taken up by the Consumer Disputes Board which, likewise, however, issues only recommendations. This board handles all kinds of complaints by consumers – most of them concerning used cars and holiday-packages.

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